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Breast Surgeries
-Breasts are from the most important areas in women body that take their care due its big influence on their beauty and feminity.-A lot of women suffer from some faults and problems in their breasts that affect a lot their self confidence and is considered a problem in choosing clothes.-These faults may be small breast size, unsymmetry in both breasts, breasts sagging or enlarged size of breasts that is considered load on the body.-No worries dear lady..It is time Now to correct all these faults and enjoy an ideal and attractive body with Dr.Basim Zaki and breast surgeries either Breast augmentation, reduction or lift.-DR.Basim will choose with you the most suitable solution for your problem to enjoy attractive breasts in symmetry and harmony with the rest of the body.-Dr.Basim skill and expert offers for you excellent results hthat will satisfy you and guarantee for you a very small unseen surgical opening .-Sugery takes from hour and half to two hours according to the case.-Surgery can be made to one or both breasts at the same time.-Breast lift can be done in the same time with breast reduction or augmentation.

What are the different types of breast surgery?
- Breast augmentation surgeries, to enlarge breast size by injecting fat or silicone fillings.
- Breast reduction surgeries to make the breast smaller and consistent with the shape of the body.
- Breast lift surgeries, which can be on their own or affiliated with breast augmentation or reduction surgeries.

What types of Breast augmentation surgeries?
Enlarged Size Breast is a sign of beauty and attractiveness in women, so when you want big and attractive breasts you will resort to one of the two ways:
- Enlarge the size of the breast by injecting fat, and in this way the doctor takes fat from an area of the body and injects it into the breast area and the body appears full and attractive.
- Enlarge the size of the breast through silicone fillings, which are silicone supports inserted in three ways higher or lower the breast muscle, down the breast folds or incision in the armpit area, and are stuffed in the part surrounding the nipple.

What are the steps of Breast reduction?
- Initially, the plastic surgeon takes the appropriate anesthesia and in this surgery, the general anesthesia is mostly used.
- The surgeon makes an incision or a small opening that does not exceed centimeters lengthwise from the bottom of the nipple to the end of the breast.
- The surgeon also makes a small incision around the nipple.
- The surgeon then removes excess tissue from the inside of the breast until it reaches the required size.
- The surgeon lifts and tightens the breast if the condition needs to be done.
- Finally, the surgeon closes the incision and cleanses it, and then puts the medical bandages.
- The patient is discharged from the operating room and the recovery period has begun.

What are the steps of Breast Lift and Tightening?
- Your doctor chooses the right anesthesia, which is mostly total anesthesia.
- The surgeon makes a small incision in the halo area around the nipple and descends horizontally from the aura to the bottom of the breast folds.
- The surgeon begins to remove excess tissue and skin and raise the place of the nipple to the right position to be higher.
- The surgeon reduces the size of the aura around the nipple if necessary.
- The surgeon closes the small incisions, cleanses them and places medical bandages.
- The patient wears a medical support bra after closing the incisions.
- The surgeon places tubes in place of the incisions to drain blood and excess fluid.

How long does Breast plastic surgery take?
Breast plastic surgery, whether enlarging or lifting the breast doesn't take more than two hours as it is simple and very safe.

Does breast plastic surgery cause breast cancer?
This is totally wrong, because breast plastic surgery has nothing to do with breast cancer, breast surgery is very safe.

Does breast plastic surgery affect breastfeeding?
Breast plastic surgery does not affect breastfeeding or the amount of milk in the mother's breast, so be calm because this surgery will not affect your role as a mother.

What is the appropriate age for breast plastic surgery?
Although breast plastic surgery is a simple and safe surgery, Dr. Bassem Zaki recommends performing these surgeries after the age of 18 until the body is fully developed.

What are the general tips after breast surgery?
- Your doctor recommends wearing a medical bra after breast surgery for three to four days. Then wear a soft bra for three to four weeks.
- Avoid or refrain from carrying heavy objects.
- Avoid violent sports.
- Your doctor recommends sleeping on the back or sides  to avoid pressure on the breasts.
- Your doctor recommends avoiding sexual relations immediately after plastic surgery for at least two weeks.
- Your doctor recommends placing silicone tape or gel on the incisions to enhance the healing process.
- The doctor advises not to expose the incisions in the breast to the sun.
- Your doctor recommends taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories agreed by your surgeon.
- Your doctor recommends drinking plenty of natural liquids and juices.
- Your doctor recommends eating foods rich in vitamins and natural elements.
- Your doctor recommends eating fruits and vegetables intended for natural fibers.
- Your doctor recommends avoiding foods that contain preservatives.
- Your doctor recommends eating foods high in protein instead of fats and starches.
- Your doctor advises you to stop smoking after breast surgery for at least a month, so that smoking does not affect the recovery period.
- Your doctor advises you to avoid drinking alcohol.

What are the natural ways to tighten and lift the breast?
- The use of ice in the massage of the breast area leads to breast lift, because the cold temperature reduces and tightens the tissues in the breast and leads to tightening and lifting.
- Various exercises, the most important of which is the push up exercise, but you should wear supportive suspenders during these exercises.
- Massage the breast area daily with olive oil for 15 minutes to stimulate and repair the cells affected by the breast.
- Massage the breast area daily with antioxidant-rich avocado oil to stimulates and repairs breast cells.
- Massage the breast area daily with antioxidant-rich almond oil 4 times a week that stimulates and repairs breast cells.
- Placing egg whites on the breast area for 30 minutes to lift the sagging skin around the breast.
- Put egg yolks on the breast area for 30 minutes, then wash it with cucumber or onion water and clean it with warm water, which lifts the sagging skin around the breast.
- Massage the breast area with pomegranate peels and warm mustard oil from 5-10 minutes a day before bed, help tightening the chest and getting rid of its sagging.