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Breast Surgeries
-Breasts are from the most important areas in women body that take their care due its big influence on their beauty and feminity.
-A lot of women suffer from some faults and problems in their breasts that affect a lot their self confidence and is considered a problem in choosing clothes.
-These faults may be small breast size, unsymmetry in both breasts, breasts sagging or big size of breasts that is considered load on the body.
-No worries dear lady..It is time Now to correct all these faults and enjoy an ideal and attractive body with Dr.Basim Zaki and breast surgeries either Breast augmentation, reduction or lift.
-DR.Basim will choose with you the most suitable solution for your problem to enjoy attractive breasts in symmetry and harmony with the rest of the body.
-Dr.Basim skill and expert offers for you excellent results hthat will satisfy you and guarantee for you a very small unseen surgical opening .
-Sugery takes from hour and half to two hours according to the case.
-Surgery can be made to one or both breasts at the same time.
-Breast lift can be done in the same time with breast reduction or augmentation.