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Does Liposuction affect probability of pregnancy?

Does Liposuction affect probability of pregnancy?
The answer is: There is no relation at all between liposuction and probability for pregnancy as liposuction is done subcutaneously away from internal organs and viscera of the it does not affect pregnancy..

And the truth is that liposuction in case of delayed pregnancy, helps a lot in getting the woman pregnant as liposuction gets rid of excessive fats that is considered main cause for delayed pregnancy.

About return of fats after pregnancy, it is expected and normal issue as during pregnancy, woman body secrets certain hormones that increase the capability of muscles to tolerate the pregnancy which in turn leads to increase in weight and in some cases increase in number of fat cells also..But it does not reach the extent as before pregnancy..and it is easily for the body to get rid of it using diet regimen and practicing exercises.